Pep has an opinion on the cancel replay match for FA Cup.

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Pep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, has an opinion on the cancellation of the new format for the English FA Cup, saying that the side that benefits are the smaller teams that do not get to play in the final. European Club Championship Especially small teams to the grassroots that may lack income.

This summary will apply from the 2024-25 season starting with the first round of matches and games will be play at the weekend only. 

From the perspective of those who love English football culture UFABET, Guardiola admits that it is a shame because the charm of the program has disappeared. Both warned executives that they might face opposition from smaller camps.

“I think you members of the media know better than me why the replay system was create in this country – to give clubs in the lower divisions a chance to play against the big teams, to earn money for them. When looking at the impact on this matter, it is consider a big problem.” Opening his mouth at the press conference before meeting Chelsea in the FA Cup semi-finals (20 Apr.)

“For a big club that goes to play in the European Championship. It’s better.” 

“We have fewer games, more tight spaces between matches. Finding balance in today’s football world is very difficult.”  

“I can understand if lower league clubs would complain about this. If we have a game playing at the Etihad Stadium against an opponent from Blue Square Premier or League One, however you look at it, it is more important to them.” 

“But the competition calendar has Especially those teams that play in the European Club Championship. Or players who have to play according to the FIFA Day calendar for the national team, it’s better than before.” 

At this time, representatives from the English Football League (EFL) wrote a letter requesting clarification on the decision because it was made by the English Premier League and the English Football Association (FA) and threatened not to participate in the competition if no reasonable corrective measures were not taken. More satisfying than just a neck-breaking statement.