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Euro will use balls with embedded chips to help with the offside

UEFA will use chip-embedded footballs at Euro 2024 to increase the accuracy of VAR’s automatic offside detection system and collect additional player data. This technology has already been used at the World Cup with Adías’ soccer balls. And proved Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t touch the ball

‘Gallagher’ is confident that Singha will get a new contract.

Connor Gallagher is confident that negotiations for a new contract with Chelsea will ultimately go well after wanting to stay with the club. Last summer, Chelsea spent a lot of money to strengthen their squad, including the signings of Moises Caicedo and Enzo Fernandes, both

Manchester City revealed that last season’s revenue

Manchester City has released its financial results for the 2022-23 season, raking in a record £712.8m in revenue and making nearly double the original profit. Manchester City’s revenue is up from £ 613m the previous year. Pounds and profits this time have increased from 41.7

Reveals ‘Greenwood’ wants to stay in England

Mason Greenwood has expressed his intention to stay in England if Manchester United decide to go on loan. Manchester United will decide on Green’s future . Wood before the Premier League season will begin with Wolverhampton Wanderers on August 14. It is understood that the process is

“Manchester United” is still talking about Sociedad

Manchester United are still in talks with Real Sociedad over letting Donny van de Beek join La Liga on loan last season . battle injury By playing in the Premier League just 7 matches only, ufabet Eric Ten Hag wants to release the excess players

Chelsea: Before buying new one, Pochettino has big house cleaning

Chelsea: Before buying a new one, Pochettino has to do a big house cleaning and ‘Clear the old stuff’ out first. If there is no unexpected turn, the heavens crash in the end, Mauricio Pochettino will soon become the new Chelsea. That it is said. The Singha team may

UEFA Europa League – Conference League Thursday May 11th

UEFA Europa League – Conference League Thursday May 11th with Match Highlights: Juve-Sevilla Zhao. UEFA Europa League and  UEFA Europa Conference League Yesterday night. There were 4 matches in total. Which were the last 4 teams, the first leg of both programs. There is only one English team left, West