Lewandowski reveals ‘Pep’ ignited a dream on Barca

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Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski He admits that working with former Bayern Munich boss Pep Guardiola has given him his intention to move to Camp Nou.

The two have worked together in the Bundesliga. Ka before, which the 33-year-old spearhead admits that he was impress with Guardiola’s management skills. Like lifting the style of play of “alien” to use with the “Tiger” at that time,

Lewandowski said, “Guardiola’s philosophy. His style of care and management is like taking Barcelona. Come to Bayern Munich”

“Xabi is very similar to Guardiola. They are both number 6 and They work together. They thought of football in the same direction.”

“Guardiola’s philosophy and his style of caring for and managing the team. I think, basically was Barca at Bayern Munich,” Lewandowski told UFABET

“From that memory. (who used to work with Guardiola) made Barcelona is my only option It was a great preparation.”

“I didn’t talk to Guardiola. before signing contract But when I was with him at Bayern It’s like a great preparation to come to Barcelona. One day.”

“All the staff are Spanish. And with eight Spanish players, during that time I had a very good relationship with Thiago (Alcantara) and Javi Martinez, both of whom congratulated me upon signing the transfer. go to barcelona”