Davao Organics Wynward Organic Vegetable Garden Restaurant

Wynward Organic Vegetable Garden Restaurant

Tucked behind the massive facade of one of the most frequented malls in the city, this quaint garden/restaurant can easily be overlooked in a snap. However, when you keep your eyes open and senses heightened, you’d surely love the place as much as you’d love the food they serve.

Wynward is not just a garden and a retaurant. It is an advocacy in itself. More so, it is one of the busiest gardens as it supplies greens, herbs and other organically grown ingredients that satisfies the many hungry people of Davao. Here, you’d be amazed to see that behind the busy city is a haven for anyone who wants to take their cravings a notch higher.

What do they have? Their menu is mostly dependent on the ingredients they have. So, you’d be guaranteed that what you’re eating and putting inside your body is truly healthy, fresh and good for the body. More so, you’d love the crunchy veggies on your plate.

Wynward OrganicVegetable Garden Restaurant is located at Regina Dalisay Compound, Bajada, Davao City

For inquires and orders, you may call them at 0917 323 3619, 0922 388 8353
Email: melo57dalisay@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/orgveggies