Organic Food: 4 Overwhelming Health Benefits of White Cranberries

Many of you may not even know what white cranberry juice is, or how is it different from the traditional red cranberry juice; however, it’s all a matter of timing.

White cranberries are harvested a few weeks earlier, when most of the beneficial nutrients are already present in the berries, with the exception of the anthocyanids. These antioxidant flavonoids are responsible for changing the color of this organic food product from white to red. That’s the only real difference between the two.

White cranberries, however, are touted as being slightly less tart than their red counterparts, which makes them appealing to people who dislike cranberries for their flavor. The loss of anthocyanids, however, makes white cranberry juice slightly less potent as an antioxidant.

Despite that, many of the other health benefits white cranberries are known for remain the same. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of the health benefits of cranberries’ lighter-colored cousins:


Helps Deal With Urinary Tract Infection

Cranberry juice (regardless of its color) is particularly well known for the innate ability to counteract and prevent urinary tract infections (UTI).

When E-coli settle on the walls of the urinary tract, it quickly becomes an uncomfortable and painful infection, something you may not be able to handle. This potent juice, though, has the power to prevent E-coli from attaching, making it an effective preventive measure.


Contains Low Sodium Levels

Research has proven that the proanthocyanids and flavonoids present in white cranberry juice are able to improve cholesterol levels, lowering LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) and boosting the HDL cholesterol (the good kind). This can then reduce your risk of atherosclerosis, heart attack, strokes and other cardiovascular complications.

Furthermore, the low sodium levels can also help improve blood pressure and regulate water balance within the body.


Helps Boost The Immune System

Being high in vitamin C means that white cranberry juice helps stimulate the development of white blood cells, which are on the front lines when it comes to the function of the immune system.

Ascorbic acid also functions as an antioxidant, seeking out free radicals and neutralizing them before they can do any harm to the body. In addition, cranberries are also known to counter H. pylori bacteria, which can attack the stomach and have unpleasant results.


Promotes Faster Healing

The amazing concentration of vitamin C in this juice also helps improve the body’s self-healing abilities. Vitamin C is a key component in collagen, which is in turn a key component of every tissue, cell, muscle and bone inside the body. Without vitamin C, the entire body slows down, from energy levels and healing rate to immune system response time.

There are a lot of organic vegetables out there that can offer the same benefits as white cranberries, but adding one more organic product to your diet will do even more wonders. Therefore, it’s best to carefully think of your diet plan, to be able to add the right amounts of healthy products you need.  

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Davao Organics: The Wonder of the Calabash Fruit

Calabash fruit? Let me tell you about this fruit and its amazing potentials. This fruit comes from the Calabash tree scientifically named as Crecentia cujete. This species of fruit is commonly found in countries with warm weather.

The fruit is green in color and has a voluminous shape. An average fruit can grow 25 cm in diameter and ripens approximately after six months and Iits tree can grow up to 25 feet. Mostly used for ornamental purposes, recently, it gained popularity about its fruit’s wonders and benefits. Truly, organic vegetables, such as this, are gaining popularity in today’s day and age.

Calabash fruits are commonly processed into a juice. The task requires a substantial amount of time but at the end, it is highly rewarding. The tedious task results in something that can be used for more than a handful of treatments. Many of which are tested and proven all over the world.

The process begins after the fruit is harvested from the tree. After which, its contents are transferred to a cooking pot for extraction – cooking for 6 – 8 hours. After the first 4 hours of cooking, the contents will then be filtered to remove the unnecessary substances (seeds, burned residues). After filtration, resume cooking for another 2-4 hours. And you’re done.

The finished product appears to be dark in color and has a somewhat savory smell. Though dark in color, the taste of the juice is quite appealing – it offers a unique sweet taste that lingers in your palate without any after taste.

Many claim that Calabash juice alleviates illnesses. A study stated that the juice helps in regulating high blood pressure and aids in the improvement of digestion. So, if you happen to undergo a detox and or suffering from high blood pressure, Calabash juice is a good natural alternative to achieve your goals.

Some people advice to drink it after a meal at least once daily. Others consider it drinking first thing in the morning.

Aside from the aforementioned benefits, here are some additional facts that you might find interesting and useful, such as:

  • The juice is believed to be a remedy for cough, asthma, and other respiratory problems.
  • Known widely to cure dysentery and stomach aches.
  • The juice is believed to be a potential cure for the dreaded C, which is cancer.
  • Researchers have found that the extracts from the Calabash fruit prevents the growth of blood vessels which is one of the primary causes of cancer.

A fruit of wonder and many other, this is one beneficial fruit to consider. Despite its plain and simple appearance, the Calabash fruit packs a lot of punch in fighting ailments.

The Calabash fruit could be the next big wonder waiting to be discovered. Hence, do not be dissuaded of its simplicity – for underneath it all, it holds forth a chestful of health benefits.

Indeed, going natural is a good way in maintaining and achieving overall good health. Why not give yourself a chance – not only with Calabash juice – but also of the other wonderful organic vegetables and staples  the world has to offer. You’ll never know what you might stumble upon.