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Davao Organics: The Wonder of the Calabash Fruit

Calabash fruit? Let me tell you about this fruit and its amazing potentials. This fruit comes from the Calabash tree scientifically named as Crecentia cujete. This species of fruit is commonly found in countries with warm weather.

The fruit is green in color and has a voluminous shape. An average fruit can grow 25 cm in diameter and ripens approximately after six months and Iits tree can grow up to 25 feet. Mostly used for ornamental purposes, recently, it gained popularity about its fruit’s wonders and benefits. Truly, organic vegetables, such as this, are gaining popularity in today’s day and age.

Calabash fruits are commonly processed into a juice. The task requires a substantial amount of time but at the end, it is highly rewarding. The tedious task results in something that can be used for more than a handful of treatments. Many of which are tested and proven all over the world.

The process begins after the fruit is harvested from the tree. After which, its contents are transferred to a cooking pot for extraction – cooking for 6 – 8 hours. After the first 4 hours of cooking, the contents will then be filtered to remove the unnecessary substances (seeds, burned residues). After filtration, resume cooking for another 2-4 hours. And you’re done.

The finished product appears to be dark in color and has a somewhat savory smell. Though dark in color, the taste of the juice is quite appealing – it offers a unique sweet taste that lingers in your palate without any after taste.

Many claim that Calabash juice alleviates illnesses. A study stated that the juice helps in regulating high blood pressure and aids in the improvement of digestion. So, if you happen to undergo a detox and or suffering from high blood pressure, Calabash juice is a good natural alternative to achieve your goals.

Some people advice to drink it after a meal at least once daily. Others consider it drinking first thing in the morning.

Aside from the aforementioned benefits, here are some additional facts that you might find interesting and useful, such as:

  • The juice is believed to be a remedy for cough, asthma, and other respiratory problems.
  • Known widely to cure dysentery and stomach aches.
  • The juice is believed to be a potential cure for the dreaded C, which is cancer.
  • Researchers have found that the extracts from the Calabash fruit prevents the growth of blood vessels which is one of the primary causes of cancer.

A fruit of wonder and many other, this is one beneficial fruit to consider. Despite its plain and simple appearance, the Calabash fruit packs a lot of punch in fighting ailments.

The Calabash fruit could be the next big wonder waiting to be discovered. Hence, do not be dissuaded of its simplicity – for underneath it all, it holds forth a chestful of health benefits.

Indeed, going natural is a good way in maintaining and achieving overall good health. Why not give yourself a chance – not only with Calabash juice – but also of the other wonderful organic vegetables and staples  the world has to offer. You’ll never know what you might stumble upon.

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Davao Organics: What We Do Not Know About Wheatgrass

In today’s green driven world, we have been introduced to a variety of palate satisfying healthy ‘green‘ foods. To say the least, green here connotes the idea of  food that is best for our body, health and overall holistic performance. In other words, such ingredients play an integral part in our quest to be fit and, in general, healthy.  Of course, the clamor is already existing – so, the next question is, ‘Are you ready to make that shift?”

Going green is more than just an advocacy –  it is a lifestyle. Like going organic and supporting organic farming,  going green has always been known to give us a relief from discomfort and bodily issues – allowing us to perform better than ever.

Although still bombarded with questions, the acceptance of the general public with such a belief goes back to the ancient and medieval times.

Nowadays, the clamor for ‘green and healthy living‘ has once again taken the public with great surprise. Many people, of age, race and religion, are taking the plunge towards having the life and body that they have always wanted. With the many temptations and pollutants surrounding us, it is  no wonder why people are shifting – or are trying to make that shift.

Foods with natural healing therapies like raw vegetables, organically grown fruits and freshly pressed juices are some of the most common ways to rid the body of toxins. With its natural healing powers, these easy to follow at home therapies are truly effective – if coupled with passion and the determination to embrace change, that is. The moment you begin embracing change, you must not be too dependent on what you eat alone– you have to work for what you want!

One superb example of a green super-food is wheatgrass.  From the cotyledons of a common wheat plant, it is prepared and served either as a glass of fresh juice or in powder form. Other form of wheatgrass include tablets, capsules and even frozen juice that you can take anytime, anywhere.

Like most green plants, wheatgrass contains high dosage of chlorophyll, minerals, enzymes and vitamins needed to replenish and revitalize the self. However, to maximize its  natural healing therapies, fresh wheatgrass must be used. It is believed that a glass of fresh wheatgrass juice contains almost 70% of chlorophyll – an important blood builder needed for our circulation.

Moreover, chlorophyll, as a product of light, contains more light energy than any other food out there. Not only does chlorophyll aid in our blood but it too neutralizes toxins found in our body, purifies our liver and most especially, help improve blood sugar related issues.

A glass of fresh wheatgrass juice is better than a glass of carrot juice a day. It is an all in one vegetable that acts as a natural healer. It is extremely high in protein and amino acids that cure acne and at most, help remove unwanted scars on the face. To add, it too can enhance fertility – with its high magnesium content.

That’s not all. Wheatgrass included in your diet could also aid in your digestion. It too lessens the occurrence of constipation and more so, help eliminate metal components in the body. In short, wheatgrass rids the body of unwanted toxins that can limit daily performance.

Truly, wheatgrass is not just any green addition to our diet – it is a powerful component that enhances our strength and endurance. Be your best with going green and supporting organic farming and never look back.

Davao Organics Echostore

Echo Store

A staple for anyone who wants to try something new – be it for curiosity or lifestyle purposes – Echo Store is a one stop shop that lets you purchase, taste and experience how it is to indulge and be healthy at the same time. Yes, at Echo Store, you’ll never have to worry with your every bite.

At Echo Store, you’ll never go wrong. At every nook and corner, you are sure to find something that will make you smile from ear to ear. The smell is very enthralling and of course, makes you want to grab one after another in an instant. This not only refers to food but more so, on the many nibbles that makes this anyone’s organic haven.

You want something light on the tummy, then you’d love their many packed organic favorites. Want something green on your diet? They have a shelf full of fresh and organically grown greens perfect for your needs. Want some sinfully sweet minus the calories? They have an assortment that suits your every craving.

Do you want to spend some time with family and friends? Then better take a seat and be amazed on their delicious offerings that will surely have you asking for more. Take a bite off their sandwiches, pizza and pasta. They also have an array of salad choices and of course drinks that pairs perfectly well with any of their dishes.

Echo Store is located at Unit 1 Lenel building, Robinsons Highlands, Diversion Road, Buhangin, Davao City
Operating Hours: Mondays to Sundays 9:00am-10:00pm
For inquiries and orders, you may call them at 082 241 0895

Davao Organics The Vegan Dinosaur

The Vegan Dinosaur

The Vegan Dinosaur is the first vegan salad and dessert grab & go store in the city. At The Vegan Dinosaur, you’d most likely satisfy a sinful craving into a craving worth every calorie you bite into.

At The Vegan Dinosaur, you’d go vegan without the bland taste. Here, dishes they create is sinful but very much healthy unlike the rest. Here, they treat you with something really delicious and at the same time, something good for your mind, body and soul. That’s why, you’d never have to worry about anything… only your cravings after.

Healthy chocolate cake? Of yourse, they have that. Salad to go for the busy you? Grab one and you’d be smiling from ear to ear in an instant. Want to go Mexican on a budget? Then try their Taco that’s packed with flavours and healthy for you too. Craving for a pudding to go with your diet? Go and grab their Chia Pudding and pair it with their Strawberry Smoothie.

Hungry yet? Sure you are!

The Vegan Dinosaur is located at Door 3, Ground Floor Red Lion building, Garcia Heights, Bacaca, Bajada, Davao City
For orders and inquiries, you may call them at 082 300 0106
Operating Hours: Mondays to Saturdays 9:00am-9:00pm and Sundays 10:00am-8:00pm

5 Reasons Why Organic Food Is A Wonderful Source Of Nutrients

With diabetes, heart disease and cancer rates soaring, and pollution wreaking havoc on the planet’s climate patterns, it’s no surprise why more people are going for anything “organic”. Why? Because organic food is healthier, for us and the planet. According to the American Cancer Society, 85% of cancers are from environmental toxins like pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and not from genetic causes. Organic food also requires less water, fewer or no pesticides, and doesn’t cause soil erosion.

Here are 5 reasons why organic food is a wonderful source of nutrients.

Organic Farming Uses Less Chemicals

There’s mounting evidence which supports the merits of going organic, and among these is the fact that organic produce uses less, if not zero, chemicals. In the concept of organic production, a limited use of chemical substance is used, and no genetically-modified seeds or organisms are used.

Based on a study made by the National Academy of Sciences, 90% of the chemicals applied to foods have not been tested for any long-term health effects. Hence, they’re not determined to be truly safe for human, or even animal, consumption. The US FDA on the other hand, only tests 1% of all food items for pesticide residue.

Organic Food Contains a Rich Amount of Nutrients

Since the farming and production process does not use, or uses only a minimal amount, of chemical substances, organic foods are able to retain their nutrients. Hence, organic foods are noted to be richer in nutrients like Vitamins A, B and C, iron, magnesium, zinc and others.

Organic Farming Builds Healthy Soil

With the use of compost, crop rotation and other natural tools or farming techniques, organic agriculture helps build healthy soil. As compared to conventional agricultural practices which are heavily dependent on petroleum-based synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, organic agriculture absorbs carbon dioxide from the air, reduces harmful agricultural runoff, and combats climate change.

Organic Farming Supports a Healthy Biodiversity

Go to a true-blue organic farm today, and you’ll see just how committed the farmers are to producing healthy and all-natural produce. You’ll also find that these farmers also put a premium on protecting the environment, and ensure that all their practices and methods respect the value of a healthy and balanced ecosystem.

When You Buy Organic, You Pay For the True Cost of Food

When a person buys organic products, they are actually paying for the true cost of the product. But in conventional agriculture, there are lots of hidden costs which all consumers pay indirectly, and these are called agricultural “externalities”. These added, hidden costs include damage to the soil, water resources, wildlife, ecosystem biodiversity as well as human health.

The organic bandwagon is fast gaining more adherents today. In the US for example, and in other western countries, public schools and health care facilities are now buying organic and other certified food, and are buying them from local producers. Many schools and health care centers are becoming fast-food free zones too, with vending machines banned, and unhealthy snacks replaced with healthy food choices.

Many hospitals are also hosting farmer’s markets on their facilities, and are creating hospital gardens to grow their own fresh produce. Food, and other non-hazardous hospital waste are now composted, diverted and reduced as well.

Davao Organics Davao Food

Davao Organics – Davao City Goes All Out for Organic Food

Like other major urban areas in the Philippines, and elsewhere, Davao has seen a rise in interest over “organic” food and produce. The city is virtually a hotbed for organic farming, as it has thousands of hectares of fertile farms and mountains, and its local farmers are actively adopting eco-friendly and healthy agricultural methods too. Here are a couple of events and occasions that highlight the city’s all-out push for organic food.

City Hall Supports Organic Farming

The main reason why organic farming has become popular, and thriving, in the country’s largest city (in terms of land area) is the strong and healthy support of the local government for the initiatives on organic farming.

The City Hall, led by its popular and feisty mayor Rodrigo Duterte, believes that organic farming can help preserve the environment, especially the watersheds and the lush forests surrounding the Mount Apo national park.

The city government also observed that more of its residents are becoming interested in urban and rural organic farming, because they’ve seen first-hand the harmful effects of chemical and synthetic farm inputs and materials on the human body.

The City Hall, in tandem with the Department of Agriculture, also set up the Organic Trading Post, built at a cost of P1.9 million, to serve as the convergence point for all organic products made in the city.

The project also aims ensure accessibility and availability of certified and registered organic food and inputs for farmers, manufacturers and all stakeholders who’d like to adopt, healthy organic agriculture methods and practices.

Agri Trade Fairs Teem With Organic Produce

In times of festivity, especially during the Araw ng Dabaw and Kadayawan season, the city’s swelling numbers of organic food producers, dealers and consumers gather in trade fairs, to promote their products, and as well as spread the gospel on the health and ecological perks of going green.

At the recent Kadayawan Trade Fair, a lot of organic produce dealers showed their wares in various booths and exhibits. Wherever you went, you’d find organic herbs and vegetables, skin and hair care products, pastries and cakes, drinks and juices, as well as organically-fed livestock.

Popular Organic Store Sets Up Shop in The City

One of the country’s most popular organic concept stores, ECHOstore, finally set foot in Davao last 2014. The store sells environment-friendly products, as well as fresh produce and other natural selections, and has 6 branches in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao.

Here, you’ll find tasty, chemical-free vegetables and herbs from the farms of upland Davao and Bukidnon, delectable Malagos cheeses from the Calinan district and more. You can also have your fill of savory Filipino dishes, salads, sandwiches and other treats at the ECHOcafe.

The City Will Host the Regional Organic Congress in October

The city will also play host to the Regional Agriculture Congress on October 2015. The congress will assemble farmers, producers, dealers and disrtibutors, as well as policymakers, researchers and stakeholders. The activity will also feature exhibits of various organic products, as well as forums where guest speakers will talk about their experiences and expertise.