Bios Dynamis Davao Organics

Bios Dynamis

Bios Dynamis is a chain of shops that specializes in organic products. Their primary product is their organic rice which is available in three colors/variants – Black, Red and Brown. All variants are whole-grain and unpolished.

Of the three, the black appears to be more popular for the locals and those who support the cause. Known to be a super-food, it is believed that black rice contains numerous health benefits perfect for the body. If you want to go on a weight loss regimen, go for the red rice and shed the pounds without having to strave yourself. Digestive problems? Go for the packed dietary fibred rice, the brown rice.

Bios Dynamis is located all over Mindanao.

Davao – Barroga Building along Quimpo Boulevard (082) 299 3433
Davao – Metro Poker Complex along JP Laurel Avenue (082) 300 5196

Kidapawan – Town Shell along Quezon Boulevard (064) 288 5586
M’Lang – Along Magsaysay avenue, Poblacion (064) 268 4223
Bios Dyanmis is also located in Metro Manila – #73, Road 2, Project 6, Quezon City.