What is the price of football favorites?

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Odds are football prices assigned to each team competing. If the team that chooses to bet on the ball meets the conditions of the ball odds The web service provider will take the price of water. to multiply by the amount of the bet you bet come out as the amount of profit you will receive

For water prices, there are 3 types of bets to choose from: สมัคร UFABET

Football player man kicking the ball when his opponent trying to tackle the ball on the football field at stadium

1. Malay water prices (Malay Odds) 

The price will be divided into the price of black water. and the red tide price (negative) that helps maintain a certain amount of capital

  • Black water price is the price shown in black. no price symbol When bet at this price and win. Will bring the water price to be multiply by the amount bet. For example bet 500 baht, water price 0.75 wins, will get 350 baht profit. But if bet on the black water price and the losing team loses the full bet
  • Red water price is the price shown in red. There is a negative symbol in front of the price. When betting at this price and winning. You will receive a profit of 1 time of the bet amount, for example bet 500 baht, winning will get 500 baht, but if bet loses, then the red water price is -0.84 will lose the bet equal to 500 x -0.84 = -420 baht and Will get back the capital 80 baht.

2. Hong Kong Odds 

It is the water price that does not have a positive or negative separation like the price of Malay water. If you can bet. The water price will be multiplied with the bet, for example, the water price 1.23, bet 500 baht, will get a profit of 1,115 baht if the bet loses in full.

3. Euro Odds

It is the water price that does not have a positive or negative separation like the price of Malay water. and using the same calculation method as the Hong Kong water price That is, bet to win the water price to multiply the capital. will be a profit coming out with the principal The bet loses the full amount.