What is E-sports?

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If the opposite is true, e-sports is an electronic sports competition or Electronic sports with rules set. The rules came up to be an international system. Anyone who participates in the competition must abide by the rules as in any other sport. They can compete in both team and individual categories. (Depending on the competition in that tournament). Semi-professional and professional. In each tournament. There will be a prize money for the winner.

How is e-sports different from real sports?

Given the name and format of the tournament, it is common to say that e-sports are quite different from real sports, and this is a very noticeable difference. Emotions after a game or participation during a match Normally, if it’s a normal sport, when the game is over, there’s nothing more to do than talk after the game. Or if it’s a foreign sport that ends late at night, turn off the lights immediately. But for e-sports during the match, you can also participate in the game by typing chat. Or if the game is over and the mood is still stuck. You can go into the game that just ended. Use the skills you see to improve yourself. Here, the issue must be separated because watching e-sports and watching sports in general are not the same. Some people like to watch that sport but don’t have the opportunity to play it. Can’t play with factors such as the edge of watching football but the body is not strong, there is no football field to play. Wrong with e-sports. When you like after watching the end, you can follow immediately. Consequently, the empathy received was higher. สมัคร UFABET

If you look at the competition. It is estimated that real sports require a lot of strength. This isn’t always true, and e-sports and regular sports don’t compare there, because e-sports athletes need to constantly improve their skills, not just waking up early to play games. have clear practice time Have time to exercise to keep your body healthy. Or during a real sporting event that doesn’t exert a lot of energy. Such as snooker, checkers, etc., so it can’t be divided.