‘Hoilund’ reveals fastest run for former team – hopes to break Rashford’s record

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Manchester United striker Rasmus Hoilund has vowed to break Marcus Rashford’s record as the club’s fastest running player. After doing such statistics with Atalanta, the old agency

The Danish striker joined the “Red Devils” for a fee of 72 million pounds, but he is not ready to help the team kick off the new Premier League season. After having an injury in pre-season

One of Hoilund’s hallmarks is their speed, according to Atalanta manager Gian Piero Gasperini. Claiming that the 20-year-old can run 100 meters in less than 11 seconds, สมัคร ufabet

Gasperini added more promising comments: “Considering his height, he has a low centre of gravity and can move his legs very fast, I am convinced he’ll have a great career, he just gets stronger every day.”

Clips have surfaced online of the forward in action, and it’s fair to say that when he gets into full flow, there’s not much stopping him.

The below video shows Højlund give multiple Lazio defenders a big head-start before knocking the ball past them and leaving them in his wake.

Rashford held Manchester United’s fastest sprint record last season. With a top speed of 35.95km/h,

when asked if Gasperini’s words were true, Hoilund replied: “Yes, it’s true.”

“You don’t know when you’re on the pitch. But when we went inside after practice, they said I had a pretty high top speed ′′

Yes, I’m ready (to break Rashford’s record). More than competing, but yes, when you’re competing on the training ground.

Rashford was the 12th fastest player in the Premier League last season, surpassed by Manchester full-back Kyle Walker . City ranks 1st with a top speed of 37.31 km/h.