Euro will use balls with embedded chips to help with the offside

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UEFA will use chip-embedded footballs at Euro 2024 to increase the accuracy of VAR’s automatic offside detection system and collect additional player data.

This technology has already been used at the World Cup with Adías’ soccer balls. And proved Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t touch the ball when Portugal score their first goal in their win over Uruguay. UEFA

has introduced a semi-automatic offside detection system into use in the Champions League but does not use footballs with chip implants. This means that they rely solely on AI to check whether they are ahead or not.

Next summer’s Euros will use Adías’ football, named FUSSBALLLIEBE, which translates to “Football Love”. The semi-automatic offside

detection system uses multiple cameras around the field to monitor the movements of 22 players in the match. field so that VAR doesn’t have to sit and mark the offside line by himself.

The sensor chip embedded in adidas footballs collects data 500 times per second to detect. When the ball is touched. They aim to make refereeing decisions faster and more accurate.

Serie A is the only major league that uses a semi-automatic offside detection system but does not use chip balls. While La Liga will be used next season. And Premier League clubs are likely to vote on the matter in March after trials continue this season.

The average time taken for an offside call by VAR is likely to be reduced from 70 seconds to 25 seconds, and fans in the stadium and those watching at home will be able to see a 3D image of how much offside has occurred.