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In this topic, we will explain the rules for betting on basketball. that players should know It is divided into the following sections:

  1. There are many types of basketball betting for you to choose from. For example Full-time basketball bets, pre-match basketball bets. Or live basketball bets and overtime must be counted. The payout odds are different.
  2. If this matchup that you originally selected The match did not start at the scheduled time. Bets herein will be considered void immediately.
  3. If the match is pause or canceled within 12 hours from the start time of normal competition Full-time basketball bets will have action when: The competition has been running for a predetermined period of time. This will be divided into two categories: at the NBA level. The game must be play for 43 minutes. While other levels The match must be completed for at least 35 minutes.
  4. Online in the first half (FH) counts only the 1st and 2nd quarters. If bets on basketball in the second half. The 3rd and 4th quarters are counted, including overtime. In case of betting on basketball But the 4th quarter only does not count towards overtime.
  5. If we bet on basketball live or bet while playing. Then points will not be counted at the time of betting on basketball. But will count from the result after the game ends.
  6. Betting on basketball in the form of winning and losing predictions. If the first score is scored and then the match is cancelled. The bet bill that we have checked shall be deemed to be still valid. (Keep it and wait to win the result at the end of the race) ทางเข้า UFABET


After understanding the rules of online briefly, in this topic we will explain the form of online basketball betting.

First of all, we need to understand that basketball matches are divided into 4 quarters and gamblers can bet on basketball according to the quarters played.

Let’s return to the subject of patterns. There are many different types of betting methods in online basketball betting. And each has different payout odds depending on how easily they can happen. or how difficult It will be divided into the following sections:


  1. Basketball Full Time Betting (HDP) : It is a form of betting to predict the outcome of all 4 quarters of the match on which team will win.
  2. Basketball betting Over-Under (OU) score bet : is a form of predicting the total score. Whether it comes out as high or low Or higher than low, etc. High and low bets are both higher than low, lower than high, must understand the high and low scores well.
  3. Basketball betting, Even/Odd (OE) bets : A bet to predict the total of the scores. whether it will come out as an odd number or an even number of both teams
  4. Basketball betting Single bet : It is a bet on which team will win or lose, with odds. clearly stated The odds will have the next team and the secondary team to make it fair to bet. It is not the same as an odd number or an even number.
  5. Basketball Betting Step Betting : Same as step football. Is that we have to choose the pair that we think will win. At least 3 pairs of numbers, if all of them are correctly guessed, they will receive a huge amount of prize money. But if there is even one team that you guessed wrong. It will be considered losing and losing the bet.
  6. Other basketball betting formats : in each online gambling website of both teams There will be a form of betting that is its own. for example Some online gambling websites may require you to bet on the team that will win in that tournament. and provide a very high payout rate Because it’s very difficult to guess correctly, etc.