What is Greek yogurt?

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Greek yogurt is a type of yogurt. The ingredients are not different from normal yogurt. The main ingredients include milk and bacteria that are good for the body. But what is different is Greek yogurt can be obtained from regular yogurt. That sucks out water and whey (Whey is a liquid that contains protein and lactose). Which makes the yogurt more concentrated in the same amount Greek has protein content. And the probiotics are twice as high as normal yogurt.ทางเข้า ufabet

Advantages of Greek yogurt.

1. More protein than regular yogurt. Of course, it’s more intense. So it’s easier to eat and feel full.

2. Less starch and sugar. Because it has been removed along with water, whey, etc.

3. Lower sodium. Suitable for those who want to control their weight or have high blood pressure

Disadvantages of Greek yogurt.

1. It is lower in calcium than regular yogurt. Because it is pulled out along with water and whey.

2. Higher cholesterol. Because the yogurt texture is more concentrated. But if you choose 0% cholesterol, there will be no problem.

3. Currently, it’s still not as easy to find as plain yogurt. It was also found to have a slightly higher price.

But still is another option for women. Who want to control their weight and maintain their health ? Maybe if you try it, you might be so addicted that you won’t want to go back to eating plain yogurt at all.