Davao Organics: Why Grapefruit is Good for the Health

Part orange and part pomelo, this unique fruit offers a bitter, tangy and sweet taste. Some say it tastes like a mixture of lemon, orange and salt. Considered as the orange’s main competitor, it is always available all year long.

Grapefruits vary on colors. Common varieties are pink, red, and white. There are also dark colored ones. Though it has a bitter-like taste, this organic fruit is loaded with health benefits with every. Yes, eat organic grapefruits for maximum health benefits.

Grapefruit originated from Barbados and was discovered during the 18th century. Many botanists believe that this fruit is a result of a natural cross between an orange and a pomelo. Why? Because of its physical feature and somewhat the same  shape, size and aroma.

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First called the “forbidden fruit”, and sometimes accidentally identified as a pomelo,  the fruit grows in a grape like cluster, in which their name derives. Despite the confusion, the aroma of the grapefruit is something that distinguishes it from the rest. It’s sweet aroma is what makes it easy to identify and easy to love.

Do you want to give this fruit a try? In Davao, you’ll find this sold at groceries and fresh local markets. Here are some benefits of the grapefruit, such as:

Source of Vitamin C. Aside from oranges, grapefruits are also a good source of vitamin C, which helps boost immune system thus protecting our body from diseases. Lauren Blake, a registered dietician at Ohio State University, suggests that half of a grapefruit gives 78 percent of your recommended daily dose of vitamin C.

Contains Lycopene, the Cancer Fighter. An antioxidant that prevents tumor-activity which is the primary cause of cancer, lycopene is present in grapefruits that has pink and red color. The presence of lycopene makes some grapefruits red or pink.

Reducing Cholesterol which Contributes to Overweight and Obesity. Grapefruit contains fiber which improves the body’s ability to remove unwanted substances – which includes fat. A 2006 study concluded that adding grapefruit to a diet can reduce a person’s body weight at an average of 3 and a half pounds within a 3 week span.

Help Block the Formation of Kidney Stones. The bitter taste of grapefruits is caused by Naringenin – believed to have the ability to successfully prevent the formation of kidney cysts, better known as stones.  It also acts as antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties that can help in aiding the kidneys from swelling.

Good Stress Reliever. Eating the fruit is not required – it is the skin of the fruit that can cause relaxation. Its aroma is found to be helpful in reducing stress levels in the body. If you find yourself getting caught up with deadlines and pressure, just remember to sniff the sweet aroma of the skin of this fruit.

Aiding the body with greens and organic food never fails to give us surprising wonders – which was proven by this wonderful fruit – the grapefruit. A unique mixture of orange and pomelo, grapefruits packs a punch in terms of benefits for our bodies. It is also a good alternative for oranges.