Davao Organics: What We Do Not Know About Wheatgrass

In today’s green driven world, we have been introduced to a variety of palate satisfying healthy ‘green‘ foods. To say the least, green here connotes the idea of  food that is best for our body, health and overall holistic performance. In other words, such ingredients play an integral part in our quest to be fit and, in general, healthy.  Of course, the clamor is already existing – so, the next question is, ‘Are you ready to make that shift?”

Going green is more than just an advocacy –  it is a lifestyle. Like going organic and supporting organic farming,  going green has always been known to give us a relief from discomfort and bodily issues – allowing us to perform better than ever.

Although still bombarded with questions, the acceptance of the general public with such a belief goes back to the ancient and medieval times.

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Nowadays, the clamor for ‘green and healthy living‘ has once again taken the public with great surprise. Many people, of age, race and religion, are taking the plunge towards having the life and body that they have always wanted. With the many temptations and pollutants surrounding us, it is  no wonder why people are shifting – or are trying to make that shift.

Foods with natural healing therapies like raw vegetables, organically grown fruits and freshly pressed juices are some of the most common ways to rid the body of toxins. With its natural healing powers, these easy to follow at home therapies are truly effective – if coupled with passion and the determination to embrace change, that is. The moment you begin embracing change, you must not be too dependent on what you eat alone– you have to work for what you want!

One superb example of a green super-food is wheatgrass.  From the cotyledons of a common wheat plant, it is prepared and served either as a glass of fresh juice or in powder form. Other form of wheatgrass include tablets, capsules and even frozen juice that you can take anytime, anywhere.

Like most green plants, wheatgrass contains high dosage of chlorophyll, minerals, enzymes and vitamins needed to replenish and revitalize the self. However, to maximize its  natural healing therapies, fresh wheatgrass must be used. It is believed that a glass of fresh wheatgrass juice contains almost 70% of chlorophyll – an important blood builder needed for our circulation.

Moreover, chlorophyll, as a product of light, contains more light energy than any other food out there. Not only does chlorophyll aid in our blood but it too neutralizes toxins found in our body, purifies our liver and most especially, help improve blood sugar related issues.

A glass of fresh wheatgrass juice is better than a glass of carrot juice a day. It is an all in one vegetable that acts as a natural healer. It is extremely high in protein and amino acids that cure acne and at most, help remove unwanted scars on the face. To add, it too can enhance fertility – with its high magnesium content.

That’s not all. Wheatgrass included in your diet could also aid in your digestion. It too lessens the occurrence of constipation and more so, help eliminate metal components in the body. In short, wheatgrass rids the body of unwanted toxins that can limit daily performance.

Truly, wheatgrass is not just any green addition to our diet – it is a powerful component that enhances our strength and endurance. Be your best with going green and supporting organic farming and never look back.