Yoga Davao

Cleansing the self is not restricted only to the food that we eat. Holistic self-cleanse is an all encompassing rite that tackles everything that we do, eat and believe in. One of which is cleansing the self through sweating and aligning. Of which, yoga is one best option.

Yoga Davao holds both public and private yoga classes for individuals who wants to re-establish balance in themselves. It’s not just a practice but a lifestyle to consider. With every stroke of the hand and sweat on the mat, Yoga Davao encourages you to eradicate any negativity and focus on further developing your self according to how you want to live the life that you have. Furthermore, with every session, Yoga Davao ensures that, even for a moment, you say goodbye to what stresses you and hello to what makes you smile from ear to ear.

Yoga Davao also holds exciting yoga classes to the delight of everyone. This year, they have had two (2) flow in the dark – a glow in the dark yoga class – with everyone dressed in neons, lights and colors. More so, Yoga Davao encourages camaraderie between and amongst its members.

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Start your practice. See you on the mat. Namaste!

Yoga Davao is located at Ranchos Palos Verdes Sports Clubhouse, Riverfront Corporate City, Davao City
Operating Hours: Mondays to Saturdays 8:00am-8:00pm
For inquiries, you may call them at 0917 718 4321