5 Compelling Reasons to get Organic Milk for your Children

Growing up, the case for milk was clear as crystal for you. Your mother used to tell you that it’s good for you and you have to drink it (whether you wanted or not), end of story. However, now that you’re raising your very own child, will you follow your mother’s advice and make your child drink the milk you once had?

You have the power to choose – it’s either you follow your mother’s advice or go on and find your own way instead. For you to better decide in your parenting job, you may want to go with organic milk.

Not only does it taste good and made free of harmful chemicals, but it can be of great help in the development of your child’s health. Before going to the benefits of such, here are some reasons you should give your child organic-based milk:

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Manufactured without antibiotics

One of the major health problems that people face is over-use of antibiotics and one aspect in everyday living where the use of antibiotics is in motion is in agriculture.

It’s best to give your child milk that came from organic cows; these are cows that freely roam outdoors. Therefore they’re not being cooped up, and they are fed only natural feeds and fresh grass.

Manufactured without the use of synthetic hormones

Synthetic hormones can be very powerful and packs one heck of a punch; even a trace of it can cause a dramatic change in the human body when consumed. When you opt to go organic for your child’s milk, you’ll be sure to get milk from a cow that’s free from any of these hormones.

They are rich in Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLAs)

CLAs are a crucial source of “good fats”, believed to reduce the risks of getting heart disease and even diabetes. As a matter of fact, researchers documented that low-fat dairy products, milk included, can possible lower the risks of getting type 2 diabetes in men.

Since organic farmers rely on fresh grass and natural products to feed the cows, the milk they produce contains higher amounts of CLA.

The best source of calcium

Most kids fail to get the right amount calcium in their young age. For kids aged 4 to 8 years old, they need to have at least 800 mg per day. Kids aged 9-18 need at least 1,300 mg per day. Organic-based milk contains up to 300 mg of calcium per 8-ounce glass and is one great way to help the kids get their daily dose of calcium.

Organic-based milk is wholesome

Organic milk is a natural, whole food beverage – they are much healthier than the artificial beverages promoted for kids which are actually full of artificial chemical ingredients. A lot of them contain high fructose corn syrup and chemical dyes. If you opt for organics, you’re free from all of these chemicals.

In deciding to buy organic food or other organic-based products for your kids, remember to always give them some milk produced by organic cows. They not only taste delicious and free of any chemical alterations; they also provide the health nutrients your child needs.