6 Reasons why we should prepare Christmas meals with Organic Food

Organic Food

Christmas – this is the time where we usually do a lot of preparations. We buy and pack gifts, decorate our homes with our Christmas trees and other ornaments. Most of all, we are busy preparing for the main event of the celebration, the Christmas Eve dinner, more known as Noche Buena. Here we get to enjoy a meal with all of our friends and loved ones.
If you’re the type who wants to dine with a lot of food at the same time go healthy, you opted to use organic food ingredients instead. Congratulations, you just made the right decision! Not only did you protect your health, but you greatly saved the environment as well.
Along with that benefit, here are other perks you’ve gained with your decision:


Organic farmers cultivate the soil that feeds the food we eat. A study states that organically-manufactured foods contain a higher amount of antioxidants and other nutrients. Comparing it to the conventional counterparts of the foods, nutrients in organic ones are on a higher level, making it more nutritious and more beneficial to your health.


Pesticides are designed to kill living organisms, that’s a true fact. However, persistently spraying pesticides can be harmful to both the wildlife and to your health, especially as they harm our food, air and water or are gathered inside our cells.
On the other hand, synthetic fertilizers need a huge amount of fossil fuels to manufacture, and contribute to soil degradation and ocean dead zones.


Dodging synthetic hormones (which are usually given to traditional dairy and meat animals to change the reproductive cycles and hasten growth) means stress is reduced for animals. In return it also reduces your exposure to endocrine-disturbing chemicals.


Overdosage of antibiotics to animals can lead to the evolution of risky antibiotic-resistant infections. In order to maintain a proper animal health, organic farmers rely on natural measures instead. Leaving the antibiotics behind and giving you the benefit of eating food without having to worry about that.


Genetically manufactured crops are an innovation with the use of recent technology which can have devastating impacts on both the ecosystems and animal and human health. Organic rules and regulations prohibit the practice of genetically manufactured seedlings or animals (including the cloned ones).


Organic farmers raise animals with the utmost care that’s in harmony with nature. Quality animal care maintains animals healthy and productive, naturally that is. If you want to drink milk and eat meat from a happy cow, let organic farmers do their job!

There you have it, that’s just some of the benefits you gain from eating food fresh from organic farming industries. Not only you’ll be celebrating a healthy Christmas Eve dinner, you’ll also be helping protect the environment by purchasing organic based products. Celebrate Christmas in a healthy way, break out of the normal tradition and eat your way to a healthy life this yuletide season!

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3 Suggestions for an Organic Food Noche Buena Celebration

The choices you may make during the Christmas season – about the food we eat, the presents we purchase, what we wear and what goes into our skin – have consequences to our overall health. However, it doesn’t just affect us, but the health of the countryside and environment and the continuous development of nations across the globe.

Greening up your Christmas with organic food doesn’t have to be hard or costly. Just by simply giving a bit more effort to how you prepare your food can help you in saving your money, and have fun along the way. Going organic during this holidays will give you more reasons to celebrate.
Here are a few tips for you to accomplish an organic Christmas celebration:


Eating organic food this yuletide season means you’re protecting yourself form pesticide residues, GM ingredients or unnecessary food additives. From your roasted potatoes and sprouts to the chocolate mince pies, make sure that your Christmas dinner is overloaded with only the right ingredients. That means avoiding anything sprayed with too much chemicals and planted using artificial fertilizers.


3 Suggestions for an Organic Food Noche Buena Celebration

You can still enjoy your favorite wines beers, ciders and spirits without getting a hang-over from overdrinking. There are now a wide variety of organic drinks that are available in the market today. They are gentle to not just your health, but with the environment as well. Going for organic drinks and you’ll not only contribute to the natural system of farming, you’ll also be consuming less Sulphur (this actually lessens the likelihood of a hangover).

If you’re more of a heavy beer drinker, be aware that regular everyday non-organic farmers are estimated to spray hops up to 14 times each year with 15 variations of pesticides. If you’re making choices in alcoholic drinks now, better go organic than be sorry.


Organic farms have more wildlife, aids in better farming jobs and cause less pollution. Organic operations is basically a more energy-friendly system of food production, the reason why is because farms don’t use inorganic nitrogen fertilizers (manufactured from petro-chemicals).

A person’s carbon foot-print has 30% of its components dedicated to their food choices. It is believed that food is the single most crucial everyday way for individuals to minimize their own environmental impact. Selecting the most eco-friendly foods means you’re aiding in sustaining the agriculture and purchasing organic, local and seasonal foods.

Organic farmers also take care of the environment by utilizing natural sources of energy. An example of which is the sun, it fixes the nitrogen on the soil and crop livestock rotations to keep soil fertile. Farmers also rely on natural predators for controlling pests and place their concentration on animal welfare. This allows them to reduce the need for pharmaceuticals and other processed treatments to maintain the stock’s health.

Overall, celebrating your Christmas should still be enjoyable while at the same time maintaining proper health. Food that is nurtured from organic farming does wonders for your health. Therefore, this Christmas, why not try going healthy and go organic during your Noche Buena celebration!

Feast on Organic Food this Christmas! Here are 4 reasons as to why!


The holiday season is well-known for dining on a high gluttonous level. Alarmingly delicious delicacies such as lechon and sugary desserts are challenging to resist, and guests are prone to give in. For others, the carefree partying may seem to be worth the time. However, for the individuals who give a more sober thought to the yuletide festivities, there are still ways for you to enjoy the holidays the healthy way.

However, the Noche Buena celebration may not be the same without the usual lechon, health conscious individuals can say that it’s completely possible to celebrate healthily. Serving organic food on the Noche Buena celebration may not seem to be a bad idea. You get to enjoy benefits like protecting your health and saving the environment.

Besides from those common benefits of going organic, here are some that you may not have known about:


Natural and farm-nurtured foods makes a huge difference between food that gives nutrition and manufactured junk that may actually leave you unsatisfied and even hungrier. As a matter of fact, processed foods have additional ingredients in them that may leave you hungrier even before you ate. Additives such as MSG may actually trigger your mechanisms to be hungry; thus the desire to eat more.

Organics are free from such ingredients. After a single meal, you won’t have that desire to eat more.


Of course, organics don’t go through a process of being processed or having additives. These foods actually tastes better, and even the most basic food products like fruits and veggies have a natural defense mechanism from bacteria and decay. Fruits and veggies that aren’t processed can usually have a shelf life of about a week. For the fruits, the additional days can actually leave them to taste better.


Our bodies are programmed to break down natural foods, just as we ourselves are natural beings. When consuming foods that carry the fundamental nutrition that we need, we permit our system to get what it needs from the direct source. Thus, it’s unnecessary to digest additives or preservatives. Organics contains all the nutrition your body needs; therefore, you don’t have to worry about preservatives entering your body.


The life we live means we are constantly connected with the environment. There are no ‘additives required’ for organics to be helpful to our bodies. By properly consuming the right amounts of organics that your body needs means you’re giving what your body truly needs. With organics, you don’t have to worry about preservatives, fillers or flavor enhancers entering your body.

This yuletide season, it’s still important that you enjoy the Noche Buena celebrations with the people you love. However, keeping yourselves healthy is important as well. Therefore, why not try to spice up your feasts with a healthy dose of organics to the mix? You’ll not only experience the perks mentioned above, you’ll also help in saving the environment.

Eating organic vegetables or any other organics can be nice and beneficial for this yuletide season, we at Davao Organics strongly believe in that!